Pensacola Florida Build

How’s it going everyone! I am pleased to say my machine is up and running and working extremely well! The workable volume is 2’x2’ with about 4" of height. Building was a breeze other than the long time waiting for parts to print, but the prints are solid as a rock and not going anywhere any time soon. It gets hot here in Florida, so creating durable PLA prints was a must. The Dewalt tool is working amazingly, and having 1/4" and 1/8" collet sizes gives a lot of versatility for different bits to use. I work at a sign shop and my boss told me about CNC machines a while back and how expensive they are, so I kind of cast the dream of owning one aside, until I got into 3d printing and then realized how plausible it was to 3d print parts for a DIY machine. When I came across Ryan’s design, I absolutely fell in love. It was so simple and affordable and well documented and acclaimed, I had a lot of faith in it and had to give it a shot. So big thanks to Ryan for this genius project!

3d printed parts consist of yellow PLA and black ABS. When I ran out of yellow I went with silver PLA for the rest, so overall I am really pleased with the aesthetic this build has; a nice industrial look. PLA was printed with 4 parameters and 20% infill. This overkill thickness was to add durability against any of our harsh Florida conditions. It’s extremely hot and humid here in the summer, and even with it being kept mostly indoors, it’ll still get transported around a bit. There’s only a few things printed in ABS, and they’re mostly the smaller fittings/bushings for some added durability and give when there needs to be.

Which was another thing; Ease of transportation. I wanted the machine to be easily moved from one location to another since I don’t have a permanent workspace of my my own big enough for a full table dedicated to it. Right now, it’s mounted on a sheet of MDF. It’s pretty sturdy and is keeping square really well. Its a small enough machine to be loaded in my car. And right now, it’s siting at my job where there’s a lot more space for it to operate.

2’x2’x4" seemed like a pretty standard/recommended work volume. After hearing out some of the advice given to others about making larger/taller machines, I didn’t want to chance making something that just would have been a hassle to calibrate.

The only thing I am noticing that might be a hinderance in it’s accuracy is how the middle section is operating right now. There was a bit of friction with the Y axis set of bearings, and while it can still move decently, I can see it’s not as smooth as it could be. This is probably due to the holes for the bearing bolts being too tight, causing them to not be tensioned properly. I didn’t ream out the holes a little like I should have. So for now, it’s good enough to get the job done, but at some point I may need to take the middle assembly off and apart to try and get it to glide more freely.

I showed my boss and he’s extremely impressed! We are in the process of making a new storefront sign and he want’s to use the machine to make 3d lettering and a logo out of PVC sheeting. He let me try out a piece of the PVC to test, and WOW, cut’s like butter! A router bit glided right through it, and it’s strong for outdoor use; definitely a great material to cut with.

Video of it cutting 1/2" PVC: Imgur: The magic of the Internet


Well I’m really excited to do more, I feel like there is infinite possibilities with this machine for as simple as it really is. It’s so cool to finally have a CNC after wanting one for so long, let alone being able to build it on my own. Again, huge thanks to Ryan and all you guys that contribute to this project. Every article or forum post made it really easy to put together correctly. More to come from this little yellow jacket soon! :slight_smile:


Awesome, sounds like it is going to get a lot of use.

And don’t worry, I snipped those cable ties down since taking the pictures haha. :wink:

I’m considering putting a dust shoe on for the vacuum hose, but I’m not sure which design will work best with the 660. Anyone have any recommendations?

Did you use conduit or stainless? I’m in the Pensacola area and having a hard time sourcing stainless tube.


Great build!