Perpendicular Axis on Middle Assembly

I’m trying to get perperdicular X/Y on the Middle Assembly, but i’m in troubles.

I loosed all tension bolts, but no effect… On try to square, applying force, all return to the same position.

I’m getting anything wrong?

A photo attached. On X axis, all right, o Y, a big diference.

Leaving Tension Bolts C very tight… The result is near of perfect… I Thing, on put belts, will work good.

Vicious1 (what is your name?) This is the parts XY, printed on the horizontal orientation!!! Fear on tight the tension bolts…rsrs

At this moment, all fine (i think).

And one more time: this project, is incredible!!! Very good engineering on project this parts. I’m very impressed and motivated.
Thanks more one time to sharing!!! :slight_smile:

It almost looks like the parts aren’t straight. They look like they have a slight curve to them, could be the pictures though.

Pictures definitely look like the parts warped up from the bed during printing. Also, looks like you printed that XY part on it’s side. I’m not sure how that will affect it’s durability. But maybe this is all an optical illusion. It’s just what it looks like in your picture.

Hi Alex,

Correct, the XY was printed on its side… My pruxa V2, don’t have Z height to print in vertical orientation. I was adviced to not print on side, because the durability… But… I was testing a ABS filament, with excelent adhesion between layers e tentei mesmo assim. The parts stay very good, but have a warp on base (open printer 16 hours to end this print).
On my analysies, this warp dont was a problem, the align of holes are correct.

At this moment, my MPCNC its alive! Need few ajusts, but its alive!

Hi friends!

I have made a test to check the perpendicularity of X Y axis, and the result is very good! :smiley:

See the image attached.