Photo request For wire routing ideas....dual endstop preferred

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So I have my frame situated and I thought it’s time to tackle the wires. I don’t have easy access to a 3-D printer for extra stuff. So I gotta rig up what I need.

I know some guys run drag chains I’ve also seen you guys run a tape measurer inside a sleeve instead. I’m experimenting with the tape now with not much luck I might need a thicker burlier tape

My plan was to run the x wires in the back to have a cleaner look. But going that way I need to order another stepper harness kit so gotta wait till that comes in.

So while I’m waiting I’m hoping to get some ideas and inspiration from you guys.


ps…I got a bag with white wires I can’t figure out what goes to any clues would be great!!!

I’m simply using two L shaped aluminum profiles and a drag chain. The aluminum profiles are attached to the Motor carriages and together they form a U shaped rail. The drag chain is runs on this rail and the wires are inside. Just make sure to use a big enough drag chain so you can run all your wires in it.

A picture to illustrate, sorry it’s not very visible but I guess you get the idea:


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Here’s some older ones of mine. Only change has been better dust shoe.

[attachment file=117843]
[attachment file=117844]
[attachment file=117845]
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[attachment file=117847]

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You have truly one of kind with that build so awesome!!! That track is a good idea it looks like!

You don;t need the wires in the bag and to make the endstop fit bend the tabs until it does. About 45 degrees if I remember right.

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Got it makes sense thanks Ryan.

The wiring harness for the endstop to Rambo boards connector (2 pin female endstop connector to 3 pin male end on board) seems super loose ready to pop out at any moment from the board. Is there a trick to securing them although I don’t foresee the board itself moving much.

Sorry for the trillions of questions


Maybe give the pins a little bend, I just checked and all of mine wiggle but will not just pull out. As in the metal to metal contact is solid, but the plastic case wiggles.