Piano Table

Wife-unit let me move my electronic piano from the workshop to the house, but I needed a place to put my table PC that I use for sheet music and stuff, without taking up more space.

I guess this is the closest thing to “furniture” that I’ve built. It turned out OK. It is made from #3 pine barn board, except for the top which is a panel made from spruce with strips of maple. It has two drawers but I still need to get drawer pulls. The sides were cut on the LowRider2.


Looking really good! :clap:

That looks great and it is super functional.

Do the chickens or the ducks like the music best? Very nice work and finish.

Let’s just say that I started playing piano and playing CNC at the same time, and I have put about 100x more hours into the CNC :grimacing:

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I have all kinds of ideas about learning the piano, or making my kids learn piano. I would rather have this than a standup piano, I thunk, but I would probably just sit there and watch youtube.

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