PiBot Controller Trouble Shooting

Good Morning,


I had some V 1.6 PiBot boards and controllers from 3D printers I had made and so thought they would work good for these builds. I got everything wired and hooked up. Installed USB drivers, Repitier Host, and Arduino (I know dont need Arduino for running machine) on my laptop. I went to connect in Repetier and COM1 it says doesnt exist. I selected COM3 from the list and it connected, however, when I click on the buttons to move the machine nothing happens, it just builds up “Waiting Commands”.


Any Advice?

Baud rate?

I have tried it on a few different rates. Currently at 28800

First google result I got was 115200 You can re-flash your firmware and check what rate you chose.

There site seems to have lots of details. Grbl, and some sort of flashing vs using switch. I have never seen or used one but you might get a quicker response there.

Their v2.0 boards are way different than when I got the v1.5 and 1.6. I did search also and got the 115200 and tried it and it worked good. FYI, we are building these machines in a Manufacturing high school class. I told them, make sure to wire then so one motor moves forward and one backward. I guess I should have been more specific cuz they just wired them together and now each side is trying to go the opposite direction. Fun times…

Did you happen to look at the Pibot 2.0 for CNC? They have a nice relay for a spindle that hooks right to their boards. Their stepper controllers are nice and big, can go to 5 amp I believe it is. (cant remember exactly right now) This would allow a lot bigger steppers if someone wanted.

Appreciate your help.

I had never seen that before. The relay board did seem cool. For me GRBL isn’t versatile enough, and we aren’t using half the current drivers capabilities. I am not sure what there bulk pricing might be but, I really like the Ultimachine boards, it would take something pretty innovative to get me away from them.

If I didnt have 5 of these PiBot boards and over 50 of the stepper controllers just laying around I would get one from you. My buddy who is building one also, in my shop I should add, ordered the kit from you last week. I am eager to hook it up for him and try it out.

I never got too far into GRBL but you are going to need to do some configuring for sure.

I just used Arduino to load my firmware on these PiBot and been using Repitier to control them. I will most likely just order a couple of yours anyways. Just wanted to work on the build for these.


I also have a couple of Panucatt boards. Ever heard/used one of theirs?

We got our machine to move really good and smooth. Still have a couple of issues.

  1. How do I by pass the need for end stops? It will not let me go Z Minus without tripping an end stop.
  2. When starting Repetier we put in our machine dimensions but it will only let it use about half the width. Is this caused by no end stops again or is it in the firmware for a default size of the machine?

1- Non dual firmware lets you go negative on the X and Y. Z should always work.

2-Not clear on this issue, repetier size input is just for the screen graphic, we do not use it for gcode generation.