PicEngrave 5

Does anyone here use PicEngrave 5 Pro?

Does it work well with our Marlin firmware?

I am looking to purchase it demo seems to be ok. Just wanted some input from people that have actually used it.
It would save me a ton of time with the white space option. I cannot get it to work properly in Image2GCode

So you tried the demo? So you already know if it works or not right?

Yes. I just wanted to get other opinions before I drop over $100 CAD on software.

The demo is fully functional isn’t it? You should take it for a test drive and make sure it meets your specific requirements. I don’t do production work so saving time isn’t really an issue for me. Let me know how the whitespace skipping feature in PEP5 works please. I’m interested and will consider implementing in i2g if there’s enough interest in it.

It functional but they watermark the image. So its hard to get a good feeling for how well it really works in PEP5 because of all the watermarks that they put on the images.

I for one would be hugely interested in it in i2g.