PicEngrave Pro 6 Released

Just saw that PicEngrave Pro has seen an update released, now it’s on version 6. I’ve been using 5 for the past year on all my Laser engraving and wouldn’t be without it. Paid the $20 upgrade fee a few minutes ago and now waiting for the serial and download link so can’t report on improvements or changes just yet.

Anyone into laser stuff should give this software a go! The Trial is on their main site: https://www.picengrave.com/PicEngrave_Pro_6_+_Laser.htm

Here’s a few shots from my other thread re: MPCNC + Laser + PicEngrave Pro

[attachment file=43419]
[attachment file=43420]
[attachment file=43421]

Has anyone tried this with a spindle? Curious to how it compares to estlcam’s functions.