Picture Frame (103x73)

My wife wanted a picture frame (she was given a used IKEA frame that was really shitty, so it needed a new frame), I said I’d make a new one. Since just cutting a few strips of wood on the table saw and glueing them together would be too easy, I decided on making a frame with the MPCNC (because I can). Only problem: My build area is 75x55. What do do? Split the long parts into two, make it a puzzle. Also looks great.

Finished frame first:

Work in progress:


I like it. The puzzle connection not only solves your size problem, but it goes very well with the content in the frame.


My youngest asked: “Eisenbahn?” (Train?), because the BRIO tracks connect in a similar way. I might go down that road and actually make custom pieces for the train. :smiley: