Pinball widgets

That guy is passionate about it and it shows. Such a good display. He always has the biggest crowds at the faire when it’s here.

My boss bought a 1963 Williams “Swing Time” electromechanical pinball machine on a whim at an auction 10 years ago knowing knowing about it.

It was in VERY rough shape. But he only paid like $100 for it so we figured we’d do what we could. Don’t think I still have any photos of it around but man was it a project. I eventually got it mostly working but had to clean almost every contact in it and rebuild most of the mechanical bits as the grease and oil had dried up in everything. It was never reliable…and the play surface was damaged so it didn’t play great when it did work. But we did have some fun with it.

His wife hated the sound of it though so it wound up out in his detached garage. And when they moved to a house with no detached buildings…it went up for sale. Think he got more than he paid for it though.

I’d love to get an em machine of my own some day and do it right…but…I definitely do NOT have the room for one in this house!