Pinewood Derby Fun

My kids get to do pinewood derbies! Yay! They all chose what they want theirs to look like. Now Dad gets to cut them out. Yay!

One wants a hotdog. I’ll let the 3D printer an CNC do most of that. But the other wants a dog. So I had to do that by hand. Here are some pictures of the progress so far.

And here is a link to a photo album with more pics and a Timelapse of the the first attempt to CNC cut.


They will be the talk of the race. Wonderful to see the effort :clap: we need some picks at the wener stand.

That’s awesome! Lol :laughing:

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I love helping with pinewood derby cars though my youngest (6 year old lion) would barely let me help this year. He did let me 3D print a spoiler and I got to de glue him when he superglued himself to the car when gluing the wrapper. Enjoy the moment they go by quick!


Wonderful. So true the are married and gone before you know it :wink:

Finally finished these two. Here are a few pics. There are more added to that album in the first post. The hot dog has magnets under the wiener so it can be removed for no other reason than it’s cool. The dog has a spring in the tail so it can wag back and forth. They are weighted with coins glued into the underside.

I expect they will do well in the race as well. I’ll give an update on that in about 10 days.


The Dalmatian won first place in the race. The hot dog won the creative award.