Pipe diameter

Hello, I started printing the parts for the mpcnc and went to HD to look at getting the 1" conduit. Is the pipe supposed to be tight on the pieces? You can see in the picture that it is pretty snug. I printed the 25.4mm, HD website says the pipe OD is 1.163, which is obviously larger than the 25.4mm. Thanks for your help!

You should be using 3/4" conduit not 1". There is a video about that on the parts page.

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OMG. Thank you so much. I didn’t realize the “Bummer” was an actual link to a video. Saved me tons of time and material! BTW, I have 1 25.4mm part for sale now :slight_smile:

I put this in the wrong location. For the lowrider CNC, where are the 23.5mm parts to print? I only see 25 & 25.4

No conduit versions of the LowRider.

So is there a way to use locally sourced tubing for the lowrider I’ve looked at gas pipe but its something like 1.06" od I didn’t know if you could make that work

If you have a local metal supermarkets they carry 1" tube, otherwise you need 3/4" conduit.

3/4" conduit is off more the the gas pipe, you do know we are talking about a lowrider now right

I moved this to LR as that was too confusing.

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Yes I called it the wrong thing. What tubing does anyone use for the Lowrider as there aren’t parts for the 3/4" conduit other than the SS tubing?

How’s that old saying go? “You can have any color you want, as long as it’s black.”

From the Low Rider Parts page here on Ryan’s site (the short answer is 25.4 or 25.0 mm SS tubing)


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From https://www.metalsupermarkets.com/metals/stainless-steel/stainless-steel-304304l-round-tube/

STAINLESS TUBE ROUND 304 (1.000 X 0.065 (ORNAMENTAL) ST 304 TUBE ROUND) Sku: STRO304/1065 
60.00 inch Quantity=2 $64.69
This is the long pieces for a 4 foot wide machine. I have a store pretty close to me, so I just stopped in at lunch one day and got my parts. It was two of the above and 4 1 foot pieces. They cut it while I waited, the store manager actually took me back and shot the shit with me while he cut them. Told him what I was doing and showed him pictures of the mpcnc, he thought it was neat.
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