Pipe Lengths to Cut

I know this can be a lot of different sizes, but what is a good length to cut the various pipes for about a 24"x24" version that the bundled parts will build. This includes the lengths for short pipes on the Z-axis.

I bought 2 - 3/4"x10’ pipes from Home Depot. The 3/4" pipes at the Lowes near me seemed to be closer to a .88" O.D. They were also 30 cents less expensive at Home Depot for each pipe.


Lengths are in here.

We seem to have different conduit, double check the OD of the one inch. I bought mine from home depot and lowes, the lowes stuff seemed much nicer.

Thanks. The assembly instructions answered my question.

hi peeps,

I just finished printing the corner blocks and bought 25mm tube with 2mm thickness. what size table is recommended… i cut my tubes in 4 x 120mm and i noticed a little bending while pushing into the tube.
Is a little bending ok or should i make it smaller.

Thanks for the help

1200mm? Try it out, when it’s all put together the rigidity increases a bit and you can easily go smaller. Rigidity needed comes down to what you plan on cutting with it. That is probably much to long for aluminum, but maybe in a corner it would be fine. You can also put supports under the outside tubes to help it out a bit.

I’d say finish it, send in some pictures, and let us know how it goes.

i guess i will try that if it doesnt work out just need to dismantle and cut… and it seems like u are right, it seems more sturdy after its put together… if someone could draw some supports to print it would be great… thanks

1200mm base

Don’t forget geodave made a calculator