Pipes in Norway

Hallo Norge

If you are looking for pipes a little sturdier than the Biltema-pipes, but doesn’t want to go all crazy and ordering from steel businesses, I found something in between! I’ve been looking for something a little thicker than the Biltema pipes (1.5mm), but have had bad luck with the plumbing/piping businesses. No VVS stores seems to have 25mm available, and the wholesalers (grossister) don’t want to sell to private customers outside of the industry.

Soo - I came across some type of conduit (yes - conduit!) from an electricity wholesaler that also sells to private customers, Elektroimportøren. Galvanized, 25 mm, 2 mm thick, 800 kr for 4 meters. Quit a
lot more expensive than Biltema, but I think this is quite cheap compared to the steel industry and boat deck pipes. Here it is: https://www.elektroimportoren.no/gur-25mm-staalroer/1211143/Product.html?Referer=googleshopping&gclid=Cj0KCQjwyJn5BRDrARIsADZ9ykGghGflzDFmum9Ja9x9MAtrbTZGosPvShuBSIoNc5mChFs_Kw6ap4saAojSEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds&utm_campaign=googleshopping&utm_medium=na&utm_source=na

(Take note, be careful when taking this home. I put it on the roof of my car, and it vibrated so much that it got a bend… sigh…)