Pipes too loose on printed parts

I’ve just printed 90% of the parts, now I’ve started assembling it and noticed the rollers and basically all parts with bearings are too loose on the pipes. If i push the pipes to the bottom bearings, there is about 1,5mm space between pipe and upper bearings.
Checked my pipes OD: 25,02mm OK
Checked 608zz OD: 22.00mm OK
Printed parts seem to be ok because the bolts and corners fit perfectly.
Any idea on what could be the problem?

I’ve been thinking about printing a “case” for the bearings to fit them tight before than wasting another kilo of filament

I had the same issue running the 608zz, 1st I got some 6082rs for testing and all was good, then got 50 of the zz due to been a tad cheaper and every thing was loose as a goose, measured the OD same same, but the internal diameter was a bee’s dick off so the bearing was loose on the bolt, updated all to the 2rs’s and every thing is now nice and tight

That is a new unit of measurement to me…do you have the conversion factor to other standards?


I’ve just checked 608zz ID, they are a bit loose on the bolt but that’s not the cause on the problem. Tried pushing them to the pipe when mounted and didn’t get any better.

Anyway thank you for your comment Ash Sav

bee’s dick, a little smaller the a mick hair, and poofteenth, but bigger than two thirds of three fifths of phugall.

I’ve got the same problem.

The solution:
I’ve found that my printer STEPS per mm were non correct and prints came out slightly bigger than it should be (the calibration cube came out 20.20x20.18, instead of 20.00x20.00)
2 days of calibration and a lots of cubes later, I managed to get a quasi perfect cube of 20.02x20.03mm.
reprinted 2 pieces and works perfectly. Tight fit. Someway too much indeed…

Recalibrate the Steps per mm and it will be good.