Pitfalls ahead - self printing my parts


Looking for advice about a sensible plan for making a MPCNC from my own prints. Basically trying to avoid printing the whole thing and finding the bolts or conduit are too wide and the parts don’t fit together!

I have never embarked on a project requiring so many inter-relating parts and hardware interfaces. Closest thing was a DSLR follow focus.

I’m thinking of getting the conduit now, so I can offer up some of the parts that connect with it. I suppose I should do the same with the bearings, etc.

I have calibrated my printer to ~< 0.05mm for x, y and z dimensions of printed parts, but I’m guessing internal diameters will come up short from experience. If nothing else, the project has already forced me to hone my print quality to levels I’ve never achieved before, which is very satisfying.



As I am building a 1 inch version and using metric fasteners I sometimes need to take a drill and ream the holes a tiny bit.
Must say that most of it is coming together with minimal reaming or sanding.
Also i am using ABS and that’s prone to warp or shrink and at a fast speed. (0.2mm accurate)
Printing with PLA could be better for the fitment.

Yes I was trying to avoid hacking away at the PLA. You find out how gnarly it is when trying to shape it. Drilling is no fun.

Worse case is the second machine will let me learn from the first!

Try a small but complex part like the pineapple coupler and its an easy way to check.

My printer only has problems with the bridging of some m4 holes, its like 2 seconds each hole.

Get the bolts, bearings, and conduit then you can check the fit after you print the first of each piece.

Thanks Matt and Johan for the feedback, makes sense.