PLA Stopped sticking to my glass heatbed.


I been printing for the last week or so on my new MPCNC with a heated bed and glass successfully and all of a sudden my prints have stopped sticking. I tried tried the following and for the life of me can get it to stick again…

  1. Bed is level…checked multiple times
  2. Glass is clean (with 70% rubbing alcohol)
  3. Nozzle is clean
  4. verified and made sure nothing has changed in slic3er.
    5)Temperature settings which have worked before up until now are:
    • Extruder 195c first layer, 185c other layers
    • Bed 65c first layer, 60c other layers
  5. I’ve tried adjusting the above temperature by values of 5 higher than the previous attempt and still no luck.
  6. PLA has not changed…still on my first role.

Any Ideas

Thanks R.

Any ideas?

I can not get PLA to stick to clean glass.
I use either hairspray or sugar water in a small spray bottle (the latter sticks like crazy when the bed is hot)
I also print at 205-210C, but that of course depends on filament.

Also, please post a closeup of the bottom of one of your prints.

It’s hard to believe you have had success on glass with no other adhesion methods. I use aqua net hair spray and my parts stick so well I have to wait on it to cool, and the part will release itself.

Do this and you will be fine. Also, there’s no need to clean after each print. Just spray a tiny bit more on and go. Thoroughly clean the glass and reapply a coating of hairspray every so often.

Really they did stick. Here are some photos of the successful print. The the square column was my first print on glass with no adhesion. The last photo shows some parts I’m printing to had stability on the corners with the exception of the pointy thing which was printed on blue tape before I hooked up the heat bed (my legs are at the maximum height to allow for an 8″ max with an mk style extruder and I’m getting some wobble on certain prints).


Oh I believe you for sure. Prints look good. Try hairspray though, you’ll be supersized at how well it works. I use it with PLA and ABS. Heck, I spray my blue tape on my printer with a non-heated bed.

I use glue stick for everything but abs. I print on painters tape with abs.

Does it matter what brand or type of hair spay? I’ve read in this form that Aquanet is recommended. I can’t get that in Canaba.


Thanks kronbjorn, what’s the water to sugar ratio that you use?


I use a saturated sugar solution, but I do not think it matters much.
Between prints, if there is enough sugar on the plate, I just spray clean water and redistribute with a sponge.

The make of hairspray does matter. I switched to sugar because I could not find a replacement that worked when I ran out.

(I think some may contain oil or silicone, feels like it)

The PEI sheets are great. Mine has one and I never have bed adhesion issues. I just keep it cleaned with alcohol for PLA and PETG and acetone for ABS. No glue or hairspray or anything.

Kronbjorn, What temperature is you heated bed at when using a saturated sugar solution?
Tom, I’ll have to look into the PEI sheets.

Thanks R.

I haven’t experimented with temperature, so I just use my default for PLA, which is 60C.

Works great! Printing with surgar water …bed set to 55/53.

Thank r.