PLA temp issues

Have a newly built printer, and bought a roll of Inland PLA. Website specs indicated 190-220 temp. Have had issues with patchy/missing filament on prints, and birds-nesting in the stepper-gear area. Checked the roll label and it indicates 205-225 print temps.

Adjusted “tuned” nozzle temp during print, from 205 up to 225. Still had patchy/missing filament up to the point when the filament birds-nested again.

Anyone else use this brand and having issues?

For inland I have been using 213 on my mk8’s.

What extruder, what print speeds?

I’m using the extruder in the bundle I bought from this site.

Not sure of the speed, as I didn’t write the code and I’m not sure of the gcode to look for.

What do you mean you didn’t write the code?

You didn’t slice your own part? You can rarely use the same gcode on two machines.

I’m obviously new to 3d printing.

I asked the previous owner to walk me through “slicing” which he did.

Here’s a screenshot of the speed page.

I’ve previewed the code graphically as well in Repeteir. No lines appeared missing.

While I’m here, I did connected LED’s to the wires when rebuilding my extension cable. The LED’s confirm my earlier suspicion that the extrusion stepper is stopping and hence the blanks in my print.

slicer-print-speed-screenshot.doc (40 KB)

end of this page.

what voltage is your extruder driver at?

I’m not finding that setting in Slicer. I’ve not done any mods to Ramps, so I’m assuming it is default. Is this something safe to check with a meter on the Ramps, with the connector off, while print is running?

You have to physically set the potentiometer on the extruder driver or you are piping in about 4 times too much power and getting thermal shutdown, possibly causing damage to your stepper.

Just need clarification. I did buy this bundle from your site. I still have to set the extruder pot?

For the extra driver you do, and make sure you have all three jumpers under it as well.