planer frame

It just occurred to me that the MPCNC should be easy to adapt to make a router sled for planing wood with. (see picture below)

I’d imagine the frame would be rectangular and the gantry would just need to span across one way and allow the router to move back and forth a short distance.
I’m also thinking the feet could be mounted to allow for travel. Just preliminary thoughts and ramblings.

My hope is that someone else out there has similar thoughts.

I don’t understand, that is just for planing? Skip making a new design and just throw the wood in the cnc, done!

it’s common to plane boards using a cnc… like ryan said, just throw it on your standard cnc bed and let it run!

Diresta just did this in a vid.

Nick Offerman did one as well.

ya I have just put the board on my cnc machine went with a wider plane area then the board to make sure it goes to the edges and works like a charm.
I would buy a planer tho just to have more today’s but so far with my projects its not needed. and I have done hundreds and hundreds of signs.
but ya vcarve pro works great for setting up the mpcnc for planing imo