Planets Aligned

Anniversary gift for my Lady. ‘Where they were when our worlds met.’ CNC carved on pine, and black milk paint finish. Marbles are a little set of planets I found. This was among the first multi cut projects I’ve done, complete with selecting the wrong file to cut, as evidenced with the beginnings of the word “dinosaur” cut into the back of this piece. Enjoying creating so much.

131683158_828204338030613_6844743547552068858_n 131616883_828204148030632_524781156434403822_n


this is awesome! Where did you get the planet data? I was SUPPOSED to get married back in October, but the virus delayed it. Might be nice to make this for when we DO tie the know (I don’t know the date we met. We kind of knew each other for a bit through friends before ever talking)


I would also like to know where to get the data.

Very lovely idea!