Planets for the wall

Same friend also asked me to make some planets to put on the wall. He wants to stain them. With plywood it is a pain in the ass because of all the residue in the lines, so I’d recommend MDF maybe? Didn’t try it though. Here is the dxf (the sun is too small, must be enlarged by 30% or so!!):
planeten und sonne.dxf (2.5 MB)

Hung on the wall:

Big fan. :slight_smile:


[1] not to scale
[2] one dwarf planet included

I can’t help myself. I sometimes think being pedantic is funny.

Seriously though. I think the dark lines look nice. I personally wouldn’t stain them, I would just cover them with poly or shellac. The very light wood may pick up the stain differently in different areas. Maybe give them some scraps to use as test pieces.


I use a stiff wire brush in the lines and the stuff usually comes right out.

The only one that I have would have scratched the surface I guess. :frowning:

@jeffeb3 I worked with the dfx I was given. I have got no clue about planets. And Pluto just belongs there with the others. I was born with Pluto being a planet, I will not accept that it is not. :smiley:

I asked them whether I should spray the so the lines are black or fill the with epoxy, but they didn’t want to. :slight_smile:

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In matters of taste, the customer is always right.

But pluto is a dwarf planet :stuck_out_tongue:

If a tomato can be a vegetable, then Pluto can be a planet.


Tomatoes are a fruit, therefore ketchup is a jam!