Plaque. - need some advice

I’m making a plaque for a friends non-profit and have made decent progress on the initial prototype. The carved lettering came out OK but I’d be appreciative of any suggestions on bit, depth, estlcam settings, etc. that anyone might have. Pic below.

bit- 45 degree v-bit



Shout out to some old guy coding and Ryan for the info and videos on changing bits. I printed off the stops and knobs from thingiverse…and they worked! I used three different bits on this plaque and had no problems.

[attachment file=51936]



The big letters look amazing the little letters look like the wrong bit angle was used, you can tell by the dog bone ends (unless that was the font you used). As for depth you can set it much lower (5mm?) and it will only go as deep as the angle allows it with the carve function.

Thanks, that is helpful info. I ordered a couple of v-bits from your site a few days back and will be giving them a shot along with trying a deeper setting. I think that will help a lot. I ‘carved’ the small letters three times, going deeper each time. One of the times it only did the corners of the letters…kinda weird. Really made the dog bone effect stand out though.

thanks again for the quick reply.

That looks great Cap! I need to go watch the videos as well. When using a Vbit changing to a different bit for pocketing is a must and I need to get that down.

Definitely worth checking the videos out, highly recommend it. Putting the stops on my machine really made bit changes easy.