Plasma cutter MPCNC (Norway)

Having read a bunch of threads and builds, I decided to build a MPCNC for my cheap chinese plasma cutter. I am planning to have a work area of approximately 60x60cm. That way i can fit the metal sheets I can get locally without cutting them. I am printing the parts on my Flashforge Finder for 25mm steel tubing. I am going to build a table out of 40x40mm square steel pipe. Since shipping from the states to norway is so expencive I sourced the parts where i found them cheapest, and placed a donation as a thank you for all of Ryans hard work and support :smiley:

Hopefully the 60x60cm work space is not to big for milling, as I am planning (hopefully) to test some aluminium milling when i get the MPCNC up and running properly.

So far I have just started printing parts, and uploading firmware and testing the RAMBO board with some steppers to see that everything works. Sadly both of the XY parts warped when printing… Will this be an issue bad enough that i need to print new ones?


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Pictures of the warping

After test assembling and having a closer look, I’m pretty sure it’s fine. I don’t have all the hardware yet (ordered the wrong amount) but I just had to test assemble ? sorry for the crappy images, my phone is in for repair, and the tablet I have is not really any good at the whole camera thing ?

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It should be okay since those surfaces are on the outside.

Can’t wait to see the plasma running!

Great! I’m curious to see if the plasma will interfere with the rambo.

I got the MPCNC temporarily installed and wired today. I tried making some gcode in fusion, but i keep getting an error… I’ll post some pictures of the MPCNC tomorrow (forgot to take any today).

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You should really start with Estlcam.

Make sure you are using the Right post processor, found on the Basics page. That is about as much help as I can be for fusion CAM, sorry.

Definately going to start out with estlcam. I tried with fusion as I use it for 3d designing, but I really dont need all the fancy functions for simple 2d cutting, so im better of just using estlcam (at least for now). You absolutely should not appologize for not knowing fusion CAM, most people are better of with estlcam, and you allready do so mutch supporting :smiley: of course i forgot to take any pictures today, but theyll get here soon enough… I havent got as far as making my planned table for it yet, so temporarily its just sitting on the floor (sad, I know) tomorrow I’ll try to get some time for some test plotting with a pen.

Tested some pen pen plotting today, I had some issues with my Z-axis binding (sorted) and the accuracy was really rough because of a wobbly pen mount and a rough wooden surface. Other than that everything worked perfectly! Hopefully I’ll get to borrow a metal saw soon so I can get started on welding the table getting the MP off the floor… and as promised a few pics.[attachment file=70074]
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Hi Johannes

Firstly Welcome to the wonderful world of MPCNC, I am intrigued to see how your build progresses. I can’t at the moment think id need a plasma but three months ago I didnt think id want a CNC Router. Like youself I started with a Pen drawing. I have progressed and done some upgrading to include a vaccum to remove the mess.

keep posting



Slooooow progress with me lately, but I finally got tired of waiting for the saw I was supposed to borrow, so i bought one for my self. I also got a makita rt0700 for christmas so this might become a CNBC router instead of a plasma cutter. I got started on my steel framing for the table a few days ago and I have been making some progress.

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Nice and heavy duty!

Love the build so far!

Have the exact same bandsaw (maybe different branded though).

What type of plasma cutter are you using?

I have a cheap chinese plasma cutter, nothing spesial at all. Im probably not going to use it much on the cnc though.

Some pictures of how assembly is coming along, my electronics, the plasma I have and the welder I’m using

[attachment file=91916][attachment file=91917]
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Im making some progress on the build, and hopefully it’s ready for testing soon. Slow and steady wins the race right? ? and as always, pics or it didn’t happen ? the cable routing is temporary (and not finished) and will be routed through cable chains when I get them.

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Subbed! Do you plan on adding a water pan?

No plans for a water pan yet. I will probably use it mostly as a mill. But as I have a plasma cutter, I can’t resist to test it ?

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Dust! As I was getting impatient with myself yesterday, I went against the advice and took a trip in the barn and found some wood (chipboard) and got ready for testing. I got the svg from the family company's logo, inserted it in fusion 360 and made a model. I then went against Ryan's advice once again and used the built in cam in fusion, with the post processor in the forums. I went with the speeds and feeds from the advice page, uploaded it to the sd card and fired up the MP. Luckily everything worked like a charm! As I'm writing this I'm surfacing a 40cm diameter "disk" made out of pine wood. I have increased speed to 620mm/m and cutting debth to 2,5mm. Thank you Ryan for this brilliant bjt of machinery!


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