Plasma rebuild, new design again

Rebuilding again, this time using all made in USA components… still trying to figure out Linux CNC… Got a ways to go but check out the video in the album…


Great work!! Following!!

I got it up to 3000ipm rapids at 50 acceleration. Ran it for an hour, landed right on zero. Z is 350ipm. So for I am beyond happy with the upgrades but will report back once I got everything up and running. Big Thanx to kyle for the detailed how to on Linux CNC / plasmac


Question for you Dave. Have all my hardware together and my base is built. I want to run plasma some time in the future. Would you recommend I jump right to a Linux cnc individual controller and mesa setup or could I get by with one of the skr cards?

I ran my machine with a cheap Bob for the last year. I finally spent the money to put quality parts in. I would have been lost on the set up if it wasn’t for Kyle’s plasma build thread… really I’m not the guy to ask tech questions. I was in need of a more reliable production cutting machine. I think this is going to work for me. Fyi I spent 1500$ cad to land the 4pc 214v Gecko drives and the required Mesa boards.

I have no experience yet, still building, but if you want good torch height control (THC) and/or ohmic sense capability I think the answer is likely yes, go linux cnc. Study up on those and how linuxcnc differs.

I had never seen before the 4 driver setup. How did you wire them to the 5 motors?

The z motors r in series

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Back side 10ga and 3/16 stainless with no cleaning. Fairly happy with it all now


Cleaned out pan and went to a different slat style… It has now been production cutting reliably for a week… No wasted material at all. Very happy with how well it’s working


That slag is impressive.

About 500lbs of it!!


As I can see you have double side plates and the y axis motors horizontal do you gain more rigid setup? Can you share your design files?

I believe it is more rigid, I am using 1.25 tubes on the gantry and NEMA 23s for all but the single x motor… There is a second belt on the other side but that just holds everything together and keeps the little side rollers tight to the tubes so there is no gap for it to track back and forth as it moves along the y axis. I put the motors under because I handle heavy materials, from 16ga to 2" steel plate and have sniped the belts when they were on the side before. And the second y plates is just to get some support next to the wheels and keep the parts from sagging from the extra load and over time and the inside plate is also where I obviously mounter the bearing that ride along the tube. Have u build a v1 machine before? I’d suggest u start there as if there r issues there is a ton of support here. Get on the other hand I’m quite busy and do not have assembly files or time to problem solve. Having said that I would not mind. Pm me if u wish

Are you still using the same plasma cutter? 500lbs of slag, I trust you have an opinion on it. Worth it, overspent, or underspent? That is the largest expense, but there are cheaper and more expensive. I have decision paralysis on that.

I don’t really need a plasma cutter but it sure would be nice to have one and maybe factor it into the next LowRider revision. I am pretty sure I could run some occasional jobs to pay for itself I am surrounded by 4x4 fanatics and they have all sorts of giant steel brackets that would look better off a plasma cnc instead of their oxy torches…

If I remember correctly he strapped an oxy torch to his last build too!

I’m really curious what ideas you’ve cooked up for a plasma specific lowrider?

Yes same plasma, it has worked great really… I will however go to a hypertherm here shortly but I have who know how many hours on this one… Well actually like 70 sets of consumables. More then a couple went to figuring everything out.


DarXide…I just found out who you are.

Holy shit. You bought the very first MPCNC kit I ever made. The very first one. Do you remember how it happened? Did you email asking me to sell it to you, I am pretty sure I had no intentions on selling them but someone emailed and said something like “hey man that is kind of a lot of parts you just want to sell me a kit?”

OMG I am kinda freaking out right now.


PS I don’t go around stalking my users. I shipped Jeffeb3 a box and it happened to be order number 16,000 on shopify. So I had to download my paypal records to find out how many orders I had before I started using shopify… I was looking at the first few transactions, me buying a ramps board, some bearings, a power supply, steppers, then your email popped up! From there I (stalked) searched the user database for the first order email, just to see how long that first guy lasted.

OMG you are still here, you started all of this (I am pretty sure you started it all at least)!!!


In that case, Thank you @darxide!