Plasma Table Projects

Here is a fire pit I made with my lowrider2 Plasma table. I’m using Linux CNC and Mesa hardware.


Nice work!

Don’t be shy about showing us your plasma rig too. Which mesa card did you go with? And are you using a THCAD for THC?

I really want to rig up a plasma. My first project would surely be a fire pit with my logo all over it!

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I’ve been thinking about designing a Santa Maria/ gaucho style grill for an upcoming plasma project.

I’m using a 7i96 with THCAD. I tried to rig up an Arduino THC but it never worked out. I couldn’t be happier with LinuxCNC.

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A few more thanksgiving style things


Dangit, I’m already planning on copying your plasma table unless @kaled shows you up (come on, post those pictures!, cutter arrives today!), now I’ll be behind you on one of my first planned projects, a gaucho grill.


Would you mind sending me your INI file? I’ve been having trouble with my Z-axis. one of the motors always loses steps and the gantry goes crooked. I’ll make a post with pics of my machine and my thoughts on the setup soon.

Sure. I haven’t taken the time yet to do any fine tuning or anything. (2.9 KB)

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