plastics remnants

There is a plastic shop in Denver, and they are selling their remnants at a discount tomorrow, for guys like me that don’t want 10k widgets worth of plastic. Any recommendations on what I should look for? I’m just thinking of getting a few pieces, since I don’t have any particular projects in mind.

I bought a panel of HDPE and a panel of UHMW in white, about 1/4". A few small pieces of black UHMW, and a fat chunk of Delrin that someone else there said I should buy. Enough to experiment with. I was thinking I might make the MP3DP out of one of the pieces of HDPE, but it seems kind of flimsy, so I’ll compare it to plywood before I do that. LED lights shine well, and get diffused through the white sheet, so I might try to paint it, and then cut the paint away, and backlight it for something.