Please Help Rambo Mini Advice

Hello please can someone help me urgently


my mpcnc kit came with a rambo mini i just wondered if you need a resistor for the bed or will repetier host cut without it


Hi, no resistor, but you do need a thermistor. Does that make sense? Here are the specs,


If that is unclear, let me know and upload a picture of what you want to plug in and we can help.

thanks for the quick response Ryan , im only using my mpcnc for cnc not 3d printing so not sure i made my question clear enough, i just want to run some wood cuts all i have plugged in at the moment is steppers and power do i need anything else , i have tried to run a cut but nothing happens ,i thought it might be waiting to get upto temp



No if you are using my firmware The first Mini pic in that link is all you need.

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ok thanks i bought the rambo off here so i assume its already got the correct fimware

Should be good to go, follow this and there is a link to my crown tutorial.


I have to get the shipments out but will be back in an hour or so if you are still having issues.

ok lasst question im having trouble with my z axis when i move it up and down manually its fine ,when i got to cut it struggles to move up and down like i have a setting wrong somewhere, i have been through all the basic settings on here

Do you mean manually pushing a button in Repetier or manually turning the lead screw? Have you tried without the weight of the router? Maybe the driver current is set too low. Not sure exactly what you mean by “struggles”. What are the specific symptoms?

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Did it struggle during the Crown test? Can you move it all the way up and down easily with your fingers when the power is off?

Thanks for the help guys all working now i has set my speed wrong


This is kind of coming up a lot lately. Do you have any suggestions as to where I should put this kind of info? What pages did you look for it on?