PLEASE help with crown

I know there are several guys out there that can look at this plot and tell me whats wrong. I can duplicate this out put every time.

but i just don’t have the experience to diagnosis the issue. PLEASE your experience and wisdom is needed and appreciated.

and I’ll buy beer.

The frame is square belts are very tight, no slipping all bearings are turning. I did have the X & Y connectors in the wrong place on the ramps board, but I don’t think that mattered in this case, they where corrected for this plot. build size is 24 x 24 4" z c parts.

thank you Obi wan.



Smooth drawing surface and my pen mount? Light touch 0.5-1mm pen pressure? Your Gcode or mine (should be mine)?

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Thank you sir.

I took all the belts off and put them back on. looking for anything at all, tightened everything up and it did get better . i have a peace of poster board under the paper. (all ways have.) pen touch is light, the g code came from your web page copy & paste in to notepad ++

the last test was not to bad but i still cant close the circle/ also uploaded a photo of the pen holder i am using? am I just being to picky?

my end game is to install a laser.

I can’t thank you enough.

Sir the black xy-burly was printed in pla before I did the refit on my 3d printer.

Some of the through holes that hold the bearings are not 100% round.

There does not seem to be any play in it. but it’s not a 100 match for the other one.

Could this be my problem?


The thinner and thicker part is very odd, maybe you have one different sized pulley?

with out taking them off (I’m out of wire ties) they all seem to be the same dia.

Ayn thoughts at all would be appreciated.

Thank you sir


How square is the gantry ?

You might want to start a test crown with just energizing the X and Y steppers by moving them 1mm in the firmware and then checking for square. If its not square, turn off the machine and try to hold the gantry in a square position before turning the motors on. Then do the crown. If that’s the cause , loosening and tightening the tension bolts on the gantry again might fix your issue.

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That’s a little over my head, witch ones are the “tension bolts on the gantry”



Verify please that your grub screws on your pulleys are still fully seated, with one against the flat side of the shaft. If they are loose you’ll see very similar symptoms.

Per the same topic in a different thread, Tony appears to be using a “clicky” pen, and the play in the pen itself may be the cause of the slop. Ryan has suggested using a fixed-barrel pen and retesting the plot.

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I did a full rework on the CNC, the only thing I fond was that one y stepper motor was not turning as fare on each command as the other one, (tested each motor in pronterface) I switched it with the z axis and this is my latest result, the thicker thine lines still seem a little off. but i don’t know, it is a marked improvement, but is the the best I can do?

Thank You.

P.s. if anyone needs crown print wall paper hit me up.

Looks great to me.

Thank you,

i think i have been looking at the crown to much!

I am thinking of adding the duel end-stops. what is the current thinking?

is it worth it?

Thank you



I would like to take just a moment to thank everyone that helped me with this "bad " crown.

It was at times frustrating, challenging, & confusing but we got there in the end.

It would not have happened with out all your input.

Best regards and Thank you all.


Get some use out of your system for a few months before trying out the dual end stops. Most people don’t need them at all and the more complex the build the more points of failure you will have.