Please take the LowRider2 Build Survey

This should only take a minute or two. No need to share you email address or any other personal information (but including your forum username would be very much appreciated).

Survey Link

Thanks for your time!

Information will be collated and presented in a follow up post forum post in a few weeks.

Where is the info going? I was expecting to see it at the end or something.

You should be able to see summary graphs and text responses now. The results will be prettied up and posted here at some point as well.

Link to Survey Responses

What’s your first name?

33%: Jeff!

And yet, in every movie, Jeff is the guy that leads the fraternity across the lake that always tries to ruin the nerd’s fun.


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I want to see some of these projects people are teasing: RC Planes, garage storage racks, furniture, SUV Camper Conversion. Or maybe I’ve missed them.

Ryan’s answer to the “Why” question is the best though: “People would not stop building giant MPCNCs…”

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… and they still keep trying to build giant MPCNCs. :roll:

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We are stuck at a lucky 13 responses. Someone help us out!

Answered …