Plotter Files. Plot sharing site

Maks Surguy, who is a javascript wizard and plotter enthusiast, created a new website to share SVGs for plotting. They generally scale well, and there are a lot of great contributions already.

I can post files from sandify up there. To get gcode out of these svgs, you can open it in estlcam, but many of these are so complicated, that might be a pain. I know there is an inkscape plugin for axidraw. Maybe that can be used to create gcode.

I want to have svg import into sandify, but svgs can be so complicated, I’m not sure how to support it.


Nice site. Downloaded some guy’s SVG to just test it out…

Lightburn used here. Inkscape will do it too… I used the JTech plugin before LB.

– David


That’s great! The videos are mesmerizing. I had the same feeling when I plotted it with my marker on the low rider.

I need to try lightburn.

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Yep! It’s primarily for laser, of course, but what I like about it is that it has an Inkscape “feel” about it and you use layers to define as many different “cuts” as you need… raster image, vector engrave/cut, fill, fill + line, cross-hatch, etc. And the layers and cuts are then prioritized and output to a single gcode file; i.e. the vector engraving and profile/outline cuts in your image above are run from one output file.

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