Plywood Bike Rack

To clear up some space in my garage, I searched for a way to store our bikes with less use of
There are similar commercial solutions out there, but I think they are too expensive for just a bike rack… two of them would have cost nearly half the price of my lowrider :smiley:

So I decided to design my own. I would call the project a great success! The bikes roll on it on the rear wheel very easily :+1:

Unfortunatley the Vespa is too heavy to store it the same way :smiley:

Cheers Richard


I need this!

Oh man, fold up and swivel?!! I might need to try this myself! Nice work.

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Pretty sure the Vespa motor is glad you can’t hang it like this. :wink:


Thanks! I will finish the design and upload it to Thingiverse :+1:


That is such a clever design! My wife and I have recumbent tadpole trikes and have been struggling to figure out how to store them. This is perfect for it. Two of these for each trike (one per front wheel), and we’re golden! This will likely be my first project once I get my CNC built.

Might be easier to hang by the back tire. Not trying to hit two targets at the same time that way.

Unfortunately, the rear forks are parallel to the ground for the back tire, so there’s no way to hang them from that tire as the hanger won’t fit between the forks. It may work if I build a small guide similar to these to slot the back wheel into first. I definitely won’t need the swing function, I just need to get these up and out of the way in the winter.

I have the commercial versions of this and they are very good. However there are lots of versions depending on the size and type of wheels, e.g. my 27.5" 2.5 MTB wheel is too wide for a standard rack.

I need some more racks as having seven of them is simply not enough for a family of four, I brought all my last seven for £120 as they were second hand, I won’t get a bargain like that again, so will try one of these. They look great and well done.

I would also add that the rear wheel bumpers are pretty essential as they allow the back wheel to be held in place. We stagger small bikes and big bikes to maximise wall usage and all of the bike wheels are off the floor by 3-5cm.


It’s very difficult to hang the bikes by the back wheel, you need to pick the bike up completely to do that. I’m not sure I could pick my mountain bike up and hook it in, I know my kids can’t but they can put their bikes on the back wheel and then slot them into the rack easily.

I investigated lots of options before buying the commercial version which is very good, though at a retail price of £50-60 per bike is not cheap when you have seven bikes. I have a number of hook based systems I brought to try things out and they were all pretty useless. I never thought about making one though …


Really nicely done. There are lots of bike storage options but few are all that great or good looking. I think you’ve covered both bases pretty well.

That cable looks like it could hold a car up… ha ha :smile:. We have 8 bikes in our 2 adult 2 toddler house so I feel you in the bike struggle. Turning the handlebars is one of the best moves for mtb, but there is a limit to the density of these things with all the pedals and bars at some point.

Let’s see the complete set?

Here’s seven bikes on a wall using the commercial version of the above. They are staggered in height to maximise wall space, i.e. handlebars fit between down tubes. We had to built a wooden wall to mount them as the garage wall is breeze block and eventually the bolts would have come out. We resin fitted the bolts for the main vertical wooden beams and then put the cross beams on.

I do say though, I much prefer the look of the ones above to mine. Having the ability to modify the sizes would be great as we have a variety of mountain bikes with 26", 27.5", 29" wheels with 2", 2.2", 2.5" widths as well. If I’d paid full price for the racks below, I’d be quietly sobbing into my beer now, but I can easily see me building one or two of the above racks and using them for , perhaps a downhill or enduro bike.


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Yeah, I’m looking forward to the files being published cough cough.

I like the wall of wood to give you stong mounts everywhere. I might have to do that anyway. I am so tired of all the crap in my garage that keeps me from getting to the other crap.


I will try to finalize them this weekend :sweat_smile:


I have projects to build other projects to then clear the crap from my garage. e.g. I was going to use my MPCNC to make a pinboard to put my tools on as the cost of a pegboard is 4x the price of 6mm hardboard, that of course is now stalling.


Hi Rich, briliant idea.
This is nice to have also in Italy…
Did you really finalize the project drawings?
I could not find them in Thingiverse, do you have a special search word for them?

Today I took some time to finish the CAD and to put the files on Thingiverse :slight_smile:



I think the link is wrong or Thingiverse is throwing a wobbly

Any suggestions?


Yep, 404 for me too

Ok, please retry :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face:

Still no dice