Pneumatic Tool?

Is anyone running an air tool? Thought of this while considering a replacement for my second Disposable Freight Co. cutter in 3 weeks. I see plenty of sub-100USD pneumatic grinder/drill options advertised with 20k+ RPM. Obviously this would require a good compressor/large tank/shop air setup.

You could control speed with a cheap solenoid-based air pressure regulator, turning it off entirely during non-cutting moves.

Coefficient with an existing needle chip blasting/cooling setup? These tools are also tiny and lightweight compared to our electric routers.

Is this a crazy idea? Not enough torque?

Found this:

Probably not enough torque and moving waaay to fast.

The other thing is you’d need one heck of a compressor to keep up as those pneumatic rotary tools use a ton of air. which adds more issues like moisture and the weight of the hose etc. It’s thinking outside the box, and I’m definitely not an expert, but I wouldn’t think it’d be ideal.