Pocket cuts too large?

I just finished up building my MPCNC (full kit from vicious) and am test cutting to learn the software. One problem I cannot figure out is on some small holes and slits when I try to pocket cut out inside the tool path, the cuts end up doubling from the planned size.Almost like it is cutting on the cut path or outside the cut path. The holes should be slightly larger than 1/8" but end up being more than 1/4". I am currently using a 1/8" bit and there should be plenty of room for the bit to cut within the path. I know the bit is to large to cut out the lettering but the side slots and holes are larger than the bit.


Spindle, cut speeds, depth of cut, software, bit overall size of that part, the screenshot of your path and the actual cut?

If it isn’t cutting on the path then you need to answer most of those questions.

Footprint of your machine and the length of your z axis as well.

running all the preloaded software and the DW660, estlcam for gcode creation and repetier for running the code. 24x36 work area but have just been positioning the router at “home” and practicing on small cuts. Z axis it max 5". I don’t have access to my laptop with estlcam on it or my files. In this photo the middle piece has some holes that are the correct size, I used engrave for those, but when I tried to “engrave” on one of the slots it just cut a single hole. Still trying to learn all the functions/cuts in estlcam but I cant figure out why an inside pocket cut wouldn’t stay “inside”.

What software are you using to make your Gcode? What happens when you draw are the sizes correct? You should draw a square fairly large to check at least half your build volume.

From the pics I can see your belts are extremely loose.

when I draw the sizes appear to be correct but I have not actually tested to verify. I guess that is something I need to do. The belts seem fairly tight, they do not flop around or deflect much. I just went off the build instructions and didn’t want to get them to tight but I can always tighten if I need to. That drawing was made using tinkercad. Are you saying to draw a large square and check the dimension vs the drawing dimensions? I can do that when I get back in a few days.

Draw a square you know the dimensions of and check it, the bigger the better.

The zip ties are making large loops, when it moves the zipties will move when they are that loose. look at the assembly pics for an idea of what they will look like. Nice straight lines, just before the belt makes a bass note when plucked.

Well judging by the pictures they seems to be very very loose. So unless you tightened them after that pic, I would go and chenck that again if I were you. It is very visible, the zip ties are not straight at all.

About the ther points, you should post us some screenshots of your set up in whatever software you use to generate your GCODE. This is an essential information you need to provide us by the way, if we don’t know what software you are using it will be impossible to help you.
So, you use Tinkercad to create your 3D file, this is ok, but then, after that, how do you slice it?

I will tighten the belts. Those files were made it tinkercad, imported into estlcam edited tool paths and created cnc program to use in repetier. I have also converted jpeg files in onkscape and done the same. What software do u use to create the car file?

OK, so what we need is screenshots of what you did in ESTLCAM.
The more, the better.

I also Use tinkercad to create my 3D files and estlcam to create the Gcode, just like you.

In ESTLCam are you sure you’re not selecting engraving on these instead of hole? If you have engraving selected for any cut it places the tool in the center of the line, when hole is selected it places the tool so the outside edge is at the line.

Here is a picture of what I am talking about. I selected hole and pocket but the red cutpath is larger than the hole should be

Is your selected bit larger than the hole? Should you be drilling instead?

I finally got some smaller bits and was able to test those. I believe that was most of my problem. Using a 1.6mm bit I was able to cut the holes to the correct size. Thanks for all the help.