Porcelain/Ceramic cutting


I’m tiling up my kitchen floor and for that we are using porcelain tiles. With a tile cutter I typically have to score a tile and then can snap them into straight cuts easily.

But for more complex shapes (corners and around pipes), the MPCNC would be a great addition.

Anyone recommend any end-mills I can use for this? I don’t mind it being slow, but the accuracy would be a major boon.

Dust is an issue and I’d need to cool it probably using one of those mist coolants from aliexpress.

(UK/EU suppliers please)

If you only have a few to cut, and you have a few spares, I would try to use a tool from a dremel, because you can probably get one today at HD or something. You could also try just using a spray bottle with some water or windex as it’s cutting. Giving it a squirt every 10 seconds or whatever.

In one of my mad passionate buying sprees I bought a bunch of bits that had a diamond abrasive coating, though I’ve yet to actually try one on anything… They should work, though I’d want to try them awfully slow at first. [Visualizing tiny slivers of glass shooting off the side and embedding themselves in my flesh.]

I’ll try to see if I can get the diamond tipped mill and give it a go. Will post video if it works (or even if it doesn’t!). The local tile shop has loads of offcut tiles they can’t sell, that they are throwing away so I’ll see if I can pick up a few to practice on.