Portable Lowrider II table idea

I’m planning to built a full size portable LRII.

To create it smallest possible, Y axis rails will be hinged on middle and “traverses” will be 3 wooden boxes which can be used as packing box for LRII itself.

Just for imagination, added quickly modeled sketches below.

Any comments?




Are you thinking of taking it somewhere or just storing it when not in use?

Looks pretty neat. Bring it to MRRF.

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Are you bringing yourself to mrrf?

Mostly for storage, but i may carry that also to camping area for summer projects :wink:

As a full size CNC it needs too much space for rarely usage…

MRRF is too far away for me, maybe send photos :wink:

I was really tempted this year, but I had a conflict. I am saving up my brownie points with the wife to hopefully use them next year on mrrf.


I’d like to build something like this, do you dimensioned plans for it that you’d be willing to share?Also, what are you planning to do for supporting the table, especially if the surface isn’t even/level?

I have just finished to print PLA parts. After supplying the other parts, I will determine the detailed dimensions.

To supporting table, planning to use 30mm “centering pins” additionally fixing screws. Also we need adjustable legs inside of boxes…

Great, look forward to seeing how it comes out.

I think its a great idea, but you may get a bit frustrated screwing / fitting everything back into place each time you need to transport it.

I would try and extend on your idea a little to see if you can reduce the amount of ‘take apart’ (Well maybe this could be an ambition of mk2 once you’ve built this) :slight_smile: