Portable Lowrider in Annapolis

Glad to help

It’s already oversized by 1.5 inches or so that may be enough for your needs.

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Wow that’s enough to handle 49" mdf. Less work for me, bonus!

Yeah wasn’t sure about how I was going to attach the table to the rails so I padded the rails with 1x2s.

I guess you would want to attach the brackets directly to the rail and skip the padding if you wanted to have the spoil board be 49". I just use the extra space for lead ins when cutting full sheets.

Where exactly is this placed onto your build boss?

Sorry I don’t understand your question.

The flush mount brackets that you used pardon me

The bracket slides into the unistrut from the end.

Michael, unless I am misunderstanding, those two statements above contradict each other. Are the cradles 1.5" or 2.25" thick? On the plus side, at least it’s not metric :slight_smile:

Oops, it’s around 2.25" (3 layers of 3/4 ply) keep in mind that 3/4 ply isn’t really 3/4 and varies in true width. I’ve corrected the original post.

Hey for some reason my,
file that I downloaded came out kinda strange :thought_balloon:

It’s not my design but it printed ok for me. May want to check with the creator.

Okay thanks

Roger that, thanks for the update. Will plan accordingly

Hi Michael,
Thank you for sharing all this. Brilliantly executed I must say. I plan to do this table sometime in the future. Just a thought. I can’t tell whether it will work or not but it seems to me that for storage you could put the cradles length wise in the strut pieces and then set the lowrider on top of that and then just winch everything to the ceiling to keep it all safe. Just an idea. Might work.

I didn’t design it for that but you could. I have a short set of rails 12" long. I use those when storing them placing the Lr on top and placing the assembly on a pair of shelf brackets. I store the long rails separately.

Excellent. Thank you for all the great ideas. Printing the strut tensioner system now. Thank you again.

Be sure to up the infill to about 50% with 4 perimeters I’ve had 1 fail that was printed at 20% with 2 perimeters from over tightening.

Man this is slick as owl s***!! I like the design! I was about to start building a second lowrider v2 and I might actually go with your design for portability, that’s pretty genius, kudos on your awesome engineering skills! Between Ryan’s killer CNC engineering, and your incredible table engineering, I could actually see this being like the ‘Kit’ one could obtain to get started. Again, can’t say wow enough here.

Can you tell me a little more info about the rails? 3" high, completely made of ply, but what size are the spacers and how far apart did you space them? Or does that really matter? And I would assume they’re as wide as the part on the cradle that they slide into?

Also, do you notice any flex in the center of the table at all when it’s loaded down with full sheets? I was thinking of building mine maybe with a 3rd cradle for the middle (sawhorse underneath as well) just to keep things super rigid unless it doesn’t flex any on yours, then maybe not lol

Anyway, thanks for sharing this brilliant idea, this is right on time :smiley:

It doesn’t really matter I have mine about 12" apart but I adjusted slightly to even them out over the span.

There isn’t much bow at all in the long direction the unistrut is pretty rigid and the drop in table sections are basically torsion boxes. Be very careful getting the clips correct as an error there will cost you accuracy.

The important thing is that the design depends on the sawhorses being level from side to side. They can be slightly different from each other but must be a level surface themselves. I shim mine but the holes on the cradle are for an adjustment bracket that I’ll get to some day.

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Hi there,

I was curious what you used for the guide rails on the side. I am working on building a similar machine and wanted to use something similar to what you have. Were you able to pick some up from a local hardware store? Idea of cost?