Porter Cable 3092 as a spindle?


I’ve been lurking a while and have started building a MPCNC. I’m building the Primo, of course, using DOM for the rails but still waiting for one more piece before I get started.

I’m planning a work space of 24 x 35 inches. All the 3D printing is done (thanks to my friend Tom) and I have all the electronic and mechanical parts (thanks Ryan!)

I have a Porter Cable 3092 laminate router, acquired some years ago. It looks to be in good shape, I haven’t actually ever used it. It weighs 45 Oz., draws 3.8 Amps, turns at 28,000. It’s supposed to be 1.25 HP.

What do you think about using this as my spindle?

Mike B.

You might as well try it since you have it. I think you will have to create a mount for it unless you are lucky and find out it’s the same diameter as the Makita but since it’s round it should be fairly straightforward.

Thanks Derek, I probably will, but it seems that it is less powerful than the Dewalt, so I’m not quite sure I’ll even try.