Porter Cable 450

I’m having a difficult time finding a dawalt 611 for my lowrider2. I came across the Porter Cable 450. It looks exactly the same as the dawalt. Has anyone used one of these.

So I have done some more research and discovered that it is exactly the same except the Porter Cable is lacking the variable speed and led light. It also looks like a cheaper option than the 611. Would the variable speed be important to have?

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People get by on the mpcnc with a 660 and no speed control. Some eventually put a router controller on it (add 20 US bucks). So whether you NEED the speed control, i guess its up to you.
IMO being able to set the speed even reasonably close to a speed you want…and being able to KEEP it there…it’s a HUGE plus for chip load, efficiency, and not burning up endmills (especially the HSS ones). If I had to place a bet, I’d say at some point you’ll find the PC holding you back on both of those, and you’ll end up buying something else anyway. So if you don’t have a second use for the PC after it comes off the lowrider, longterm you’ll save money by skipping it.