Power Supply Question

I am going to be using Nema 17 motors with a holding torque of 84Oz.in since those are the ones that I already have. I have several different power supplies available that I could use and was wondering what the ideal voltage power supply would be? I have 12v, 24v, and I have a 36v. I have very limited experience with stepper motors but I am leaning towards running a 24v power supply. What do you guys think? What have you done with your own builds?

Using a 24V can be a pain with any added accessories. The efficiency gain you might get from a 24V is negligible (we mill slowly and run in series, or individual drivers) and not worth the hassle in my opinion.

Well 12 volts it is, I think I want to run individual drivers for each motor, I like the new auto square feature. Thanks for the quick response.