Power switch for MP3DP

Hey everyone,

I was looking around thingiverse and had saw some power supply covers that would allow for a power switch with a fuse to be used to turn the unit on and off.

I would like to use this for my MP3DP but I have a few questions:

  1. If found the swtich for one of the covers and it was a 250V with 10A fuse switch off amazon. Is that a safe switch to use with that fuse protection? I really couldnt find any spec sheets on the switch.\

  2. is it safe to use terminal connectors to connect the switch to the power supply? or is there a better method to wire it to the power supply?

Thank you for the help

You should be plenty safe with those specs, if you are nervous you can always put it on the 12v side. The machine does not use very much power at all Pretty sure last time I checked it was 36w max with a hotend heating up and all steppers moving.

Thats what I figured and I felt the switch would handle it because its 110V coming from the outlet and the power supply is 12v 30a but it doesnt hurt to double check.

and would normal terminal connectors be safe to use then to connect it to the power supply?