I’m considering building a Zen xy coffee table, but having to run a power cord to the table is a deal breaker for the wife… If I could make it rechargable…

Any ideas to solve this

I’d likely screw up trying to figure power consumption but wouldn’t something like a battery used to power an electric trolling motor built into the base power a table for a reasonable length of time, to be recharged during periods of non-use like overnight?

Check my build thread. I used a sealed LA battery with a solar charge controller.



What about rechargeable tool batteries? I have absolutely no idea of the energy requirement of the table but the batteries and chargers are easy to come by and you could swap out easily and have a couple of replacements on the charger.


Any 12V battery will work, as long as it will protect itself if it goes too low. An older power tool battery (12VNiCD) would be great. The newer lipos would work too, but they are $$$ and try to do all kinds of proprietary protection stuff to make this kind of thing hard.

The ZXY takes much less current than the cnc. I would guess 1A total would be on the high side. But it does run for a long time, so a 1aH battery might not be big enough.

I have a ton of 4Ah ryobi batteries, If I made an adapter that could be perfect then… :thinking:

Running off battery I would also consider closed-loop steppers (actually servos) because they should consume much less power. Ideally this would be based on measurement instead of expectation…

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