Pre build questions

Hello All,

I am going to start building my mpcnc machine soon. The parts are being printed right now. I want to build about 4 ft x 4 ft and am using 1" Stainless steel tubing. Does anyone have any recommendations on parts from the kit that should be upgraded or swapped out or should I just buy the basic kit from V1? Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you.

Just get the basic kit. What are you planning for a Z height? What are you planning on cutting? that size is stretching it a bit even for stainless, you might want to redirect into a Low Rider instead.


“What are you planning on cutting?” Hahaha if his uncle finds out what this machine can be used for it will be anything from a laser to a plasma table!!! I would stick with the basic kit for now and get the wire extensions and add the lcd controller.

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Casey have you thought about which board you are going to use (Rambo vs mini) any input from anybody else?

I ordered the kit with the mini rambo