I am starting the printing now. What kind of precision can we expect? Has anyone measured? My old mydiycnc monster machine is terrible, way to much slop.

Shouldn’t be any different that most 3d printers. Mine is in constant use printing plastic parts for sale in the shop.

Thanks for getting back to me, and thank you so much for the mpcnc.

I was actually thinking more about cnc uses.

My current machine is a diy minster that I’ve been trying to get up to snuff to work reliable. Mine has wiggle at the endmill thanks to problems all over. It’s cut size is only 30" x14" but its based on a terrible kit called mydiycnc. I replaced so much and dumped so much cash into it.

Have you measured tolerances? Whats an idea of plunge rates or inchs per minute for feedrate?


I have not found a way to measure the tolerances well.
The hardest part for most people will probably just getting the machine really square. This cnc I made has blown away the expectations I had for it, so I have not pushed it too its limits yet, in speed or precision.
Best I can say is you should have zero worries about tolerances in wood. Metal is where things start to change. In metal the expected tolerances increase dramatically. Not that they can not be obtained, you just need a good understanding of machining to get there. Not necessarily having to even do with the mpcnc.

As for the plunge rates, I am still out of state. I can check what I use when I get home. It is pretty slow, this where a realnlead screw could help. Speed of the z axis. To me they are not worth the money.

OK thanks. I do only wood so far.

Any info helps. Especially feedrates

All my videos have feedrates, just not plunge rates.

Oh OK I’ll have to watch them. My current machine is limited to 15"/min. Not sure if that’s fast or slow lol.

I just finished my machine and I am TRULY impressed with the quality. I cut a rather complicated logo recently and used a 1/32" endmill and it required three passes to get the depth I desired. I used this as a test to see how well it tracked in the same path and I can not see any “layers” in the cuts from the multiple passes.

Good to hear clocey. Can we see pics or video?

That sounds awesome! Such a tiny bit, any inconsistencies should have shown up or broken the bit. Sounds like you have a solid build for sure.

Lets see it.

I hope they turned out


oh yeah thats repeatability right there.