Pretty cool

Dam. Pop up pins, slick. The whole thing uses some pretty small looking linear rails. Vacuum pulled though the mdf??!?!

So…I’m hearing it is time for a pro version? We need more speed?

We just need small update

  • tool changer
  • vacum table
  • pop up pins
we can start from this :p

Yea, it’s lightweight mdf. A lot of the bigger vacuum hold downs work this way. Esko’s cnc rails are the same. Uses a rack and pinion system for movement. I just thought it was cool. I like their idea of the gang drills for cutting the hold down holes. I’ve seen similar systems for doing adjustable shelf pin holes. Have a line of bit holders geared together and you can do a dozen at a time.

If we just had a different bit holding system we could tool change, the rest is relatively easy.

I love seeing this stuff.

NYCNC did a tour of a custom plane company, and they had a super crazy giant gantry cnc. It mills out a rough foam pocket, then fills it with Higher density foam, then mills it to spec. Subtractive, additive, subtractive. That was slick.

That’s actually a Low Rider, with just a few upgrades.

If you really want the popup pins, just drill some holes for dowels. You have to manually install the dowels. And if the dowels were made of wood, you could either leave them, or pull them out before cutting.

Yep Thats true but… Thats boring. Better to push button.

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Seeing an auto tool change would be heavenly. I personally don’t have much of a use but it just looks too cool to pass up.

I want the vacuum table to reverse, shift the work piece to the perfect position, then suck it down and hold it. So much easier than manually positioning the router. :wink:

Like a giant air bearing! Nice.