Primo build from the Netherlands

Hi everyone I am Jack, I am trying to build a primo. I think I will finish printing the feet and trucks in a few days.

Colors will be red and black.

For the workspace I think about 600 x 1000 mm. About 235 x 393 inch. Are there more people with this size or bigger? Any modifications needed like extra feet or something?

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At a 1000mm on your X working space, your side rails with be 1300mm. That is a long span, putting you in the “consider-a-LowRider-instead territory.” I suggest you add mid-span supports for the two X rails. There several mid-span support models on Thingiverse including this one and this one.

I had mid-span supports on my previous version of the MPCNC (Burly). The one downside is that they make it difficult to insert large stock. But it was uncommon that I would need to insert large stock, and when I did, it was more about preserving stock than actually needing to care something big enough that it would stick out of the machine during carving.

Thankx for your answer, that is what I thought. Tonight I resided to go a little smaller. 600 x 500 cm I think. I work with a 2x3 meter table every day so if it doesn’t fit I will take it to work. I need to fit in in my small shed as wel. For ones I my life I will choice of the smaller version :sweat_smile: o my girl is small too :joy:

I saw an interesting question/suggestion come across the forum awhile ago. The OP wanted to purchase tubing for a bigger machine but then wanted to slide the feet inward, leaving tubing hanging off the end of the feet.This made his machine smaller most of the time (results in better performance and better accuracy), but when he wanted a bigger table, he would unscrew a pair of feet, loosen the belt, and slid the feet to the end of the tubing.

I don’t know if the OP ever followed through on his design, but thought it was an interesting compromise solution. It doesn’t come for free since longer tubing, longer cables, and longer belts would need to be purchased and designed in.

P.S. Since you use a CNC at work, I’d be interesting in your comparison between the MPCNC and your work machine when you have it up and running and have spent some time with it.

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That’s what I want to know as well. I work as a sing maker for almost 20 years now. Started with flatbed zund cutting tables and operated a esko with a mill for a few years. Now at my new boss I have a zund again with a mill and some different knife tools. I want to use the mpcnc for different jobs which the zund is not designed for. Maybe a laser when my mill is running properly. But it is for fun and learning in the beginning. Hope it wil run some day.

You end up with weird movement with the tube sticking out one end. All that inertia adds quite a bit of strain to that end’s stepper and belt.


One and a half week of almost 24/7 printing. Waiting for parts now. Hope de arrive soon. Need to order a new spool of red filament for the core. Printing al small parts at this moment. It is angers fun build and the stl files are just amazing. Great job Ryan :+1:t3:

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