Primo Calculator question

I have a table that is 46.5x46.5.
I decided to use 46x46 for the table size.
Units: inches
Model: Primo
Workspace – X:35.25 Y:35 Z:4
The X and Y sides are larger than the table width (47.25"). Is this intentional?
I have not checked or verified the other cuts yet.


If you are talking about Total Machine Footprint, then yes, this is larger than the Table Size. The stepper motors hang off the sides and extend beyond the the minimum table size. You need the footprint size to make sure you have space for wherever you plan to place your machine including the size of an enclosure for the machine.

Edit: I see I did not read closely enough and you are asking about the tubing length, not the footprint. The answer is the same, the corners and tubing hang over the edge of the base. Take a look at the picture here.

The outside edge of the feet measure 46" end to end, however the rail is 47.25. When the rail is mounted and flush on one side, there is a 5/8" overhang.

When compared with Burly the size would be flush.

Never mind.
Problem solved.
Corner bottoms needed to be turned around
I had them installed with the screws in, same as the feet.