Primo for sale (90x90xm); Kiel, Germany: 400€

sell my newly built MPCNC. Have used it only a few times, unfortunately I had to realize that my family dislikes the noise very (!) much (MPCNC is in the basement).

Size of the MPCNC: 90 x 90cm
Usable area: about 60 x 60 cm
Price: 400€

The Makita router is not (!) Part of the offer.

And what else is included:

  • Power supply unit
  • Control with Arduino Uno + CNC Shield
  • “Remote control” via Bluetooth keyboard
  • Suction suitable for Makita RT0770C + hose
  • mounting plate + sacrificial plate

For 50€ the table can also be taken.

for pickup

For questions send me a message, glad to help!

on hold - one party with interest