Primo gallery

It would be cool to see a gallery of finished primos or even each of the latest models.

The #mostly-printed-cnc-mpcnc:builds-and-things-built section is only that. I guess you’re hoping for a picture gallery like the gallery tags?

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All the tags are galleries. We just need to go through the posts and tag them, as well as select a good thumbnail. I added a mpcnc-primo-build tag. And then I added a few randomly:



That’s exactly what I was thinking! Just to be able to scroll through a bunch of thumbnails with finished builds.

It like looking at the same car but scrolling through endless colors features and packages to add.

Well, it can grow over time. We can tag new builds as they come, or people can tag their own (don’t forget to pick a thumbnail). Or the regulars can go back through old posts and assign the tag and pick thumbnails. So it will take some work to get going. But it is a good idea.

We need to also have it linked somewhere, or people won’t know it is there.

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Great idea, just need to figure a good place to link it.

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I’m not entirely sure where it could be linked. Maybe in docs near the beginning? Something that gets your attention before taking the plunge.

I was going to try to add some builds to the gallery but I failed so someone may want to delete the random topic I made in the your builds section. (not sure how to delete a topic. I’m assuming that is restricted to only a few)
How do you tag a post in the gallery

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When you make a new post, add the tag #gallery-mpcnc or #gallery-lowrider-cnc. I don’t know if lets you pick a thumbnail, but one of the frequent users can set it for you.

Or, just post your pretty pics and one of us will change it.



I just wanted to try to help grow that gallery

I’m not sure which level has permissions. I think it is the"regulars". Any of them can clock the pencil at the top of any post and select a thumbnail and add one of the build tags, or one of the vanities for things built. But your editing tags on someone else’s posts, so you need to be a little trusted.