Primo in Colorado

First Primo build. 24"x24"x4". 304 Stainless 1" tubing. BTT SKR PRO v1.2. TFT35 E3. Parts printed on a Modded Ender 3 in PLA.


Nice build. Another member in the Colorado chapter!

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Better clip those zip ties before Ryan loses his mind! :crazy_face:

Where u guys at in Colo?

West denver/Golden for me.

Between Boulder and Louisville for me.

I’m.down in the springs, y’all aren’t to far

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Colorado Springs

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Woohoo! In the midst of my first build now, in Parker!

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Let me know if u need anything, I head up to denver a decent amount for someone that has no reason to go to denver

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In like 6 mo. we need to go grab a beer somewhere. There are probably 10-15 users in Colorado that are in the forums.

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COS too!

West Centennial

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I went to elementary school near there. It wasn’t called Centennial then, it was just “unincorporated arapahoe county”. I must have heard my parents say that 1000 times. I went to Peak View Elementary and I was in 3rd grade when it opened. It was a great school for me.

Been watching to see if anyone else from the western slope was going to chime in, but it appears I may be the only “outlier” in the Colorado V1 crowd.

The boss man used to send me to work at Centennial Airport 10 days every month, but not for a couple of years now. Last time I had to travel for work they sent me to Summit County. If I have to travel for work there’s few places I’d rather be “stuck”. 8^)

It would be cool to get together for a beer, when it becomes possible, but the ~6 hour drive from Durango may be a stretch. 8^)

I went to Jr high and HS over here it was unincorporated Arapaho county then. I used to live close to Golden in Wheatridge until 4 years ago.

We can zoom you in, Pete.


Sounds good! I’ll buy a virtual round. 8^)

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Colorado meet up needs to happen. I bet everyone of us does one thing no one else thought of lol

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