Primo laser build in Nebraska

I wanted to take a second to put up some pictures as a thank you to everyone who has helped me get my second V1 machine up and running!

Thanks for all the firmware hand-holding and cable chain designing and general Christmasy good-naturedness!


Very nice cable management! Which laser are you using and which software?

You can find the details at this post:

I like that you fitted it into a cart! Nice!

First real legitimate project on the laser. Merry Christmas everyone and thanks for all the community this last year!


Hey everyone, I turned on the old laser Mc burnface and I could not get any movement out of it. It has not been used since around Christmas. I have not been able to get it connected through the TFT either through Marlin emulation or normal touch screen mode. Repeater host also has not been able to connect with that so I’m wondering if something happened with the board?

Here are a couple video links showing what’s going on with it. Any help getting taser face going would be… helpful.

I see power on the board. Try reflashing it, just with the new firmware file on the micro sd card. I had two boards “die” but this solved it for me.

Thanks Ryan, reflashing did the trick!

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I love the tracks you have for your drag chains! Where did you get those?

I looked through thingiverse and the forum and I can’t find the original design now. The aluminum is just two pieces of small angle that you can get at Home improvement stores but the stls I used to print the mounts elude me at the moment. Sorry :frowning:

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No problem! I can design the printed parts, was just more concerned about the metal pieces themselves. I’ll check out The Home Depot and see if I can find those, thanks!