Print is too large after stepper driver change

A stepper driver that came with my mpcnc went bad. The z axis wasnt working and I discovered that it worked if one of the other steppers was switched into the z axis stepper port. I bought sintron A49985 stepper controllers and put one in the z axis. The result was that the z axis moved too much, the layers on the print were too far apart. I replaced all the stepper drivers to see if that would fix it, but now the entire 3d print is too large.

Are all the 3 jumpers under the steppers on ramps the same? Or do they have separate characteristics. I noticed they came in two colors with the mpcnc and the ones that came with the new stepper drivers are all black. Are these jumpers just a connection between the two pins or do they have different characteristics depending on color?

How could I solve the issue with the print being too large? It seems to me that the steppers are moving way further than what they should be moving.

Those max out at 16th stepping so you have to edit your firmware to half the steps on all axis and make sure you set the Voltage to match your steppers.

All right. So am I sacrificing accuracy or something by using these?

By the way, the voltage is on the little knob on top of the stepper drivers themselves correct?

Nahhh, shouldn’t be noticeable. Technically yes but practically no. They get hotter but now with the series wiring kit it should not be an issue.

so if i move the screw on top of the steppers that changes the voltage right? Can I raise the torque of the steppers by giving them more voltage?

The potentiometer on the drivers changes the current to the steppers, don’t go willy nilly it is an exact equation. To low and no power too high and one the other or both will melt down.

Look up your drivers and your steppers and do it correctly.